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Burrata: A Love Story

By Jenn Press Arata

Once my eye caught a glimpse of the burrata appetizer on the menu, I salivated and could barely get out the words to place my order. As soon as I heard about this mystical cow’s milk cheese, I knew I had to introduce myself. The exterior is solid mozzarella while the creamy center that poured out when I slid my knife through it, offered a soft, Continue reading


How I Became a Foodie

My passion for food began at a young age. Born into a Jewish family, I was constantly surrounded with, “Do you want more? What else can I get you? You didn’t eat enough. Where should we dine next?” Food was memories, love, comfort, company, celebration, family and routine. It still is.

Growing up, my kitchen was like a Starbucks as far as choices were concerned. My vegetarian mother often made four different dishes to accommodate everyone (and PS makes the best meatballs and chicken soup she’s never tasted!). My father’s car was fondly referred to as ‘The Food Wagon’ as he would stop at various restaurants in the city to Continue reading