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A Clean Plate for 2012

As we say farewell to 2011, we reflect upon all the delicious foods we’ve encountered. There were new things we were brave enough to taste, many we’ve shared with family, friends and partners, others we’ve indulged in, and some that maybe weren’t as palatable as we may have liked.

Some things we have to work hard to prepare, while other fortunate situations are handed to us on a silver platter. Occasionally, we may be limited to a prix fixe menu, and in other moments we are given a buffet full of options.

Sometimes we are told things that have to marinate in our minds for a while, Continue reading


I Love You…Bacon

Bacon is like the Bradley Cooper of the meat world. Everyone wants a piece. I think its more than just 15 minutes of fame for this crispy friend who has taken the world by storm. It’s no longer a side gig to somebody’s scrambled eggs or a special appearance on a burger. It’s now showing up in desserts, co-starring with condiments and taking on its own line of merchandise. It even plays a lead role in the popular Continue reading