Coming Out of My Shell

For me, having a food allergy would be like Derek Jeter being allergic to baseball. As an equal opportunity eater, I feel avoiding certain fare is discriminative and hurtful.

However, after numerous indulgent lobster dinners for my birthday last year, I attributed feeling under the weather to a reaction to shellfish. I thought this might be God’s way of telling me to remain Kosher. Just to be safe, I decided to only eat things without a shell (with the exception of MnMs, of course). Finally, I made an appointment with an allergist to find out if there would be more tarter sauce in my future.

When I got to the office, they handed me a paper describing what they would be testing me for. It listed items like ‘scallops,’ ‘crab’ and ‘oyster’. I told the nurse it all looked delicious and I’d like to order one of each. She told me this wasn’t a menu.

The results showed it was safe for me to eat shellfish (phew!), but they said if I felt uncomfortable trying it on my own, I could reintroduce the foods in their office. I asked if I could bring a friend and if they were treating. I laughed to myself at the idea of showing up there on a date with my husband, lobster bibs in one hand, insurance card in the other.

Now I have a year’s worth of meals to make up for, but knowing that I’m not allergic makes me just about as happy as a clam.


One thought on “Coming Out of My Shell

  1. Love it, soo clever and funny! Looking forward to enjoying some shelfish meals together! After all, with good friends there is no need to be selfish when it comes to shellfish! 😉

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