Shopping the Market

A grocery store is kind of like dating. You enter with a specific list of desires, but are often enticed by something new and different. You look for things that will make you feel happy, energized and fulfilled. You learn more about them before committing to be sure they fit properly into your lifestyle.

You look inside their soul to see what they’re made of so you don’t have a bad reaction, and then when things get real intimate, you take in the scent of the produce, and in my occasions put your hands on it. If things get really wild, you may end up with a two for one special.

Sometimes you’re thorough in observing the competition and comparing features, and other times you’re impulsive and go home with the first great deal you see. Sometimes you buy foods that are healthy for your well-being and have potential of being positive, and on other occasions you settle for the temporary fix of endorphins from risky junk food, and handle the consequences later.

No matter how much you avoid it, you always get a line. You check out your various options as they parade along the conveyor belt before you take them back to your place. When you leave, you pretty much know it’s in the bag.

Ultimately, whether you get what you went in for or add a unique item to the cart, you will eventually end up walking down an aisle.


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