A Picture Perfect Mother’s Day

A picture captures a moment in time, and helps us reflect on cherished occasions. Incorporating meaningful photos into your table decor will personalize an event and add sentimental value to the meal. Below, five creative ways to turn your Mother’s Day brunch into a trip down memory lane:

1. Photo Placemats: Blow up a photo of each woman with her family and laminate it completely. Tie in your color scheme by forming a border out of ribbon around the edges. If desired, use fabric glue to adhere the photos to a larger cloth placemat. If you have young children, you can substitute snapshots for hand drawn artwork to add an extra special touch.

2. Serving Tray Collage: Turn a basic serving tray into a conversation piece by decoupaging memorabilia that’s important to your family. Compile wedding invitations, birth announcements, tickets from a trip, old photos (think black and white!) and words from magazines to cover the tray. Fill with condiments for easy passing, use as decor on a coffee table or stack flutes of mimosas and toast to fond memories.

3. Nostalgic Napkin Rings: Using clear, lucite napkin rings, attach a baby picture of each woman, or of her own child, on the inside so it shows through the top. When the napkins are inserted, each picture will appear framed. As another alternative, print and laminate each image and glue it to a piece of colorful paper stock. Hole punch and tie them to a piece of ribbon or fasten them to a plain set of napkin rings, a thick rubber band, or even a hair tie.

4. Framed Seating Cards: Pick up a variety of 2 x 3 picture frames and fill with a photo of each guest and his or her mother. Use them as place settings along the table so your family knows where to sit. For a fun game, use childhood pictures and see how quickly they are recognized. Everyone will feel like they’re celebrating with their mom even if she isn’t physically present with them that day.

5. Pictures in Bloom: This is a great way to get your children involved for the upcoming festivities. Fill flower pots with floral foam from a craft store and create colorful blossoms using patterned scrapbook paper or construction paper. Write a message (“Happy Mother’s Day” or “Mom, thanks for helping us grow”) on the center of each flower. Glue cut-outs of family photos to each petal and poke popsicle sticks through the foam for a unique centerpiece. Cover with green tissue paper or shredded confetti for grass. For a more sophisticated look, purchase faux flowers from a craft store and attach snapshots to the leaves instead.


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