I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I have become shamelessly addicted to Pinterest. Unlike other social media sites, it doesn’t care if you’re running late for a meeting or in a ‘complicated’ relationship or sporting a six-pack on vacation with your girlfriends. It’s not looking to find out how old you’re turning on your next birthday, and therefore publicly measuring your success up until that point. It’s not trying to set you up with your soulmate either. Instead, Pinterest wants your visions, your hopes, your dreams, and wants to help make them come true.

As someone who is continually imagining new recipes and has a constant desire to present my readers with tips and tricks, it feels we’ve recently embraced a community where we all help and inspire each other. From blogs to YouTube tutorials, we’re opening our arms for a universal hug, or cookie swap, or virtual brainstorming session. Instead of showing off, we’re showing how. Offering suggestions on improving the organization of our lives, becoming innovative with our food and crafty with our design. It gives us a sense of self-worth beyond our day jobs and family lives. There are words of wisdom to help each other get through the day and silly photos for us to laugh about along the road. It’s the journey of life and we’re all in it together. No one is spared. This sense of community really makes you feel like you can do it, because in this new DIY focused, food obsessed world, you can do it. The bar is high, but the boundaries are limitless. You can put your unique spin on any culinary creation you’re able to imagine and hand craft your own designs, and encourage others to do it too. Because in some way, shape or form aren’t we all just doing everything the very best we can?

And if you just choose to look at the pictures, that’s okay too…


6 thoughts on “Pin-spired

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