5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

Looking to shake things up this Sunday? Here are 5 fun ways to add excitement to your Father’s Day celebration:

1. Beer Tasting: Have all the men in your family bring over their favorite craft beer. Give everyone tasting glasses and comment cards to decipher which one they like best. Challenge your guests by keeping the labels hidden to see who can recognize their own, and match the names with each brew. If there are children present, let them play their own version with different flavors of juice. Be sure to plan ahead if your state’s liquor store isn’t open on Sundays!

2. Grill Competition: Ask each family member to bring one unique item to add to your menu of burgers and dogs. Be daring and think outside the grill lines. Get creative with dessert kabobs (a little s’mores tribute, perhaps?), stone fruit drizzled with honey, pizza dough, or even brownies and cookies on the old barbecue. You will be surprised how versatile a cookout can be!

3. Family Game Day: If the dads in your life love sports, construct your own version of a backyard obstacle course, a family game of b-ball (substitute ‘horse’ for ‘daddy’) or even a homemade trivia game. Less time to be creative? Turn to your trusty stack of board games and fuel up some friendly competition. Dads and their offspring against the moms or men vs. women makes for an interesting event!

4. Cap of Memories: Have each family member write down some of their favorite childhood memories and place them in a baseball cap. After your meal, ask each guest to take a turn fishing out an anecdote and reading it aloud. Test the dads knowledge to learn who can recognize their own children’s recollections. Encourage them to elaborate on the story or share their own moments.

5. Trophy Ceremony: This can be a lot of fun, particularly with adults. Was there a catch phrase your father always uttered when he was encouraging you or an inside joke from your youth? Ask all your guests to create mock trophies such as “Neighborhood Lawn Master” or hand out accolades such as “Most Likely to Hog the Remote”. (Or less PG versions depending on the age range of your guests!) The more playful, the better!


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