Grown-Up Lemonade Stand with Berry Ice Stars

Welcome to day 2 of our 4th of July recipe countdown! Today is all about ideas for easy, innovative entertaining. Remember those lemonade stands you had as a kid? You would wait outside in the heat hoping a car would stop long enough to give you 75 cents for a Dixie cup? Those efforts are long gone, but this refreshing, citrusy beverage still remains a summer favorite.

Bring back those fun feelings by filling a large drink dispenser with lemonade and fresh lemon wedges so guests can help themselves. Create a station with mix-ins of fresh berries, sprigs of mint, flavored sugars, and even gummy bears dressed for the occasion. You can serve them in individual bowls, baskets or mason jars for a just-picked feel. For the adult crowd, offer alcoholic options such as rum or flavored vodka to spice up the party. Everyone will be their own bartender, leaving you free to mingle.

Red, White and Blue(Berry) Filled Ice Stars

Ice cubes are ideal for keeping drinks cold, but if you put them in anything other than water, they can dilute your beverage. Freezing your lemonade, iced tea or juice in ice cube trays keeps your drink chilled, and replenishes the liquid once it melts. Try adding fruit or mint to each section to enhance the flavor.

Keeping with our theme, I utilized star-shaped ice cube trays and added raspberries and blueberries to match the colors of the day. Cute and practical. Gotta love that!

Just fill..


Freeze…and serve!

Coming up Tomorrow: Skinny Little Piggies


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