Frozen Peanut Butter and Nutella ‘Firecrackers’

*As Seen on CT Style News 8*

Welcome to day four of our 4th of July recipe countdown! A party really isn’t complete without dessert, okay any day isn’t complete without dessert, but when entertaining guests, you want to balance all those hearty, savory dishes with something sweet. As I’ve mentioned before, ice cream is one of my most favorite indulgences, however it’s not the easiest thing to serve at a summer event. It melts and drips so quickly you may as well call it soup.

I wanted to come up with something cold and refreshing that has a similar consistency, but holds up better in the heat. The winner? Bananas!

Frozen bananas taste like ice cream. Frozen bananas with peanut butter and nutella taste like bliss. Put them on a stick and you realize you really can have it all. Plus, it’s made with fruit so it’s basically a health food. (Right??) Decked out in festive sprinkles, they look like firecrackers for the occasion.

When you make these for the rest of the summer you can also use crushed nuts, graham cracker crumbs, coconut, or even cereals like rice or cocoa krispies.

That’s SO Jenn’s Tip: If you have children in attendance (or very messy adults!), push your popsicle stick through the center of a small paper plate to create a tray for catching any drips from falling sprinkles or softened Nutella.


Bananas (each banana makes two servings)

Equal parts peanut butter and Nutella

Red, white and blue sprinkles

Popsicle sticks


Peel banans and cut them in half. Stick a popsicle stick through one end.

Freeze them on a parchment lined baking sheet for 20 minutes. (This will make it easier for when you ‘ice’ them) Mix peanut butter and Nutella together in a small bowl.

Spread mixture onto bananas.

 Roll them into sprinkles for an even coat.

 Freeze until ready to serve.

Want to make them bite sized? Slice bananas into 1 inch rounds and follow instructions above. Serve with toothpicks.

Eat and enjoy fireworks during the daytime!

Coming Up Tomorrow: Grilled Corn with Homemade Chili Lime Butter


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