Cake Tasting: When You Know, You Know

Since we’re in cake mode this week, I felt it was only appropriate to share the story I promised you of how I got my hubby to the bakery for our anniversary.

Choosing a wedding cake is a lot like choosing a spouse. You try different flavors, looks and styles to decide which one you can imagine sharing your big day with. The various layers and textures form together to create a sweet masterpiece, symbolic of two lives becoming one.

The cake is also one of the details a couple will decide together when planning their nuptials. In many cases (mine in particular) the groom will gladly take a step back from finalizing flowers, colors and bridesmaids dresses. This signature dessert, however, was a choice my hubby truly wanted to be part of. As a pair, this process requires teamwork as you choose a filling and flavor profile that represents both of your personalities. In addition to taste, the design (fondant or buttercream? square or round? 3 tiers or 5?) will be a focal point of important photos for as long as you both shall live.

So why did we end up at the bakery two years after we said, ‘I do’? Well, most couples meet with their baker before their reception to have a cake tasting and review a gallery of options. My hubby and I skipped this step. 1. Because we lived out of state, and there was never a convenient time to try samples and 2. We knew what we wanted.

Just as you conclude your dating life when you’re done looking, sometimes you just know when you’ve discovered what’s right for you. For some, this applies to settling down with ‘the one and only person’ and for us, it was a special feeling about ‘the one and only cake’. We saw a picture in a magazine and fell in love with the style right away. It was unlike anything we had seen before, and it just spoke to us. An instant connection. We know looks aren’t everything, but it had depth to it too. Once we got through the intriguing exterior to reveal our red velvet, chocolate ganache bliss, we knew there was true beauty on the inside as well.

So two years later, our baker Leo was kind enough to invite us for a ‘rain check’ to celebrate our anniversary. For fun, we tasted the cakes and looked through their display of designs. When we sat down, the two of us were treated to a plate full of chocolate and vanilla delights with delicious fillings ranging from cannoli to mocha. Even though there are many wonderful options out there, we looked at each other and knew we had made the right choice. And so, my husband, the cake and I live happily ever after.


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