That’s SO Jenn Gets a Shout-Out on Foodergie!

In this world of blogging, it’s always nice to give a pat on the back to fellow writers who are doing their thing. Foodergie was kind enough to mention That’s SO Jenn and help spread the word to vote for me as Taste of Home’s Mrs. Holiday. In addition to gladly paying it forward, I also want you all to know what this site has to offer.

Foodergie stems from a very current concept, dedicated towards helping the world of allergens find their way. Going out to eat is social and fun, but when you have a dietary restriction, choosing a restaurant can be a daunting task. Foodergie does the hard work for you, leaving you with the only big decision of choosing which great establishment to dine at. This blogger offers everything from sit-down meals to fast food fare to bakeries– always having gluten, nut, vegan, shellfish (the list goes on…) allergies in mind. She cleverly breaks down each location by cuisine, dining experience and dishes. You’ll know not only what menu items are favorable, but if they’re safe for you to eat.

While the site is based out of NYC, Foodergie takes readers on a weekly trip every ‘Travel Thursday’ to review places all over the map. Have a great suggestion near you? Send it her way so she can share it with her dedicated readers!

So thanks for the shout out Foodergie. Right back at ya!


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