The Creme Brulee Experiment–But Wait, There’s More!

You know how sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you can’t wait to call your closest friends and tell them? That’s exactly how I felt last night when I was excited to write about this to let all of you know. Wish you could’ve been there in person to see this for yourself!

I had been on the phone with my brother while making creme brulee at Em’s, and he said he likes that dessert. So, when Hubby and I met up with him and his new fiancee (yay Jeff and Caity!) at a restaurant last night, I put one of the filled ramekins on ice and brought it with us to give to him.

I included a packet of sugar (the only sugar packet I had in my house was a souvenir I took home from a trip that said “I love Vermont”), and told him pour it on top and stick it under the broiler when he got home.

While we were finishing up at the restaurant after hours of witty banter with our fantastic waitress (doesn’t that really just make a dining experience??) she asked if we would like dessert. My brother pulled the creme brulee out of his bag and jokingly said, “I’m sure you get this all the time, but do you have a blow torch I can borrow?”

Before we knew it, our waitress was walking away with the ramekin and taking it in back to their kitchen! I don’t know what was funnier–the fact that she torched it for us (PS see photo below to know what it would’ve looked like if I had fuel available…) or that she used my Vermont sugar packet I brought instead of their vat from the restaurant!

Out came my creme brûlée, perfectly caramelized and served to us on a plate. We all dug in–including her!

To top it all off, she said it tasted better than the one they serve in house, and she wanted the recipe! Who knows? That’s SO Jenn’s Reese’s Cup Creme Brûlée may be seen on a menu near you.

What funny stories have happened to you in a restaurant? Comment below or write to and share!



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