‘Light’ Blue Cheese and Dried Cherry Appetizer Pockets

Okay, this is my last round of creating recipes with Pillsbury breadsticks and Laughing Cow cheese. I can’t help it, the possibilities are endless. Which means it’s probably not really my last round…

After experimenting with garlic & herb breakfast cups and low-cal dessert cinnamon sticky buns, I’ve now moved on to appetizers (in true That’s SO Jenn form). These two-bite snacks pack a punch of flavor with sharp blue cheese and tangy dried cherries. Basically, bread, cheese and crackers without the knife or messy cutting board.

Spreadable, light Laughing Cow blue cheese drastically cuts calories (and is less stinky!), making this an all around party pleaser. A slight crunch on the outside and a melty center studded with chewy cherries is the ideal way to kick off a gathering!


1 tube Pillsbury breadstick dough

1 package Laughing Cow light spreadable blue cheese

About 1/3 cup dried cherries


Tear apart preferated breadstick pieces and fold them in half as seen here. Push and spread them into a rectangle.

Spread half a wedge of cheese onto one side of the dough.

Place four cherries onto the cheese.

Fold in half and press the sides down using a fork.

Bake for about 20 minutes until golden brown.

Eat and enjoy this better-for-you indulgence!

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