FALLing into a New Look

The changing of seasons always feels like a fresh start. Opportunities are on the horizon, a different variety of food flavors becomes available, and we rotate our wardrobe and activities accordingly. Of course, the fall lends itself to apple and pumpkin picking, hayrides, hot cider, and a picturesque scene of red and orange leaves making their descent into a colorful autumn flurry. Simply wonderful.

Perhaps it’s reminiscent of my school days when I would get a new haircut, stylish backpack (which eventually became a trendy shoulder bag) and fashionable clothing to start the year. It was that moment when I could decide who I wanted to be and what image I hoped to portray as I finished off the summer just a bit wiser and more mature. There was anticipation of who the teachers/professors would be, what the workload would entail and which friendships might be discovered along the way.

Remember that feeling of opening your notebooks to reveal crisp, white, college-ruled pages? They were full of hope waiting for you to neatly transcribe your lectures with color-coded pens and highlighted key points? You know, those few hours before the corners were torn for passing notes and the margins were covered in doodles.

Although, it’s been many years since I’ve been in classes (other than that occasional reoccurring nightmare…) the upcoming anniversary of That’s SO Jenn deserves a fresh start as well. A moment to be an even better version of itself and figure out who it wants to be and what image it wants to portray.

Now it’s my turn to be on the other side of things, planning my syllabus for our time together, deciphering a lesson plan and honing in on my subject content.

Here’s where you come in. Imagine yourself back in those early days of the school year when prompted to jot down your goals and what you anticipated to gain from the course you enrolled in. What would you like to see as we embark on this next chapter together? What topics do you long for, recipes do you crave or purpose to you have when visiting this site? When “That’s SO Jenn” pops up in your inbox, what is it that you’re hoping to see more of?

I’ve put together a very simple poll below. My first quiz of the semester, although there is no wrong answer (whew!). I’m excited to share that this site is in the process of getting an overhaul. A new look as it’s now coming off the summer, a bit wiser and more mature. Take a look at the options below, and let me know what That’s SO Jenn can do to be invited to your cool lunch table:


2 thoughts on “FALLing into a New Look

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