What do Chefs Eat for Lunch?

Many of us have this fantasy that celebrities always look flawless, fitness experts spend their lives at the gym, and chefs eat gourmet all day long. As a food blogger, however, I have come to realize this isn’t always the truth. Not everything I eat is the world’s most interesting meal, and I certainly don’t cook extravagant dishes 24/7. For example, yesterday I prepared myself a simple salad of kale greens, garden fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, diced red onion and creamy avocado. Sure, I could’ve posted the ‘recipe’ or given you some tip about choosing your produce or mixing up a dressing, but to be quite honest I used one from a jar. I was hungry, impatient, and knew I could get away with it because I wasn’t serving guests or sharing this with all of you. It was healthy, delicious and satisfying, but was it blogworthy? And by what standards? There’s a lot of pressure for me to constantly be innovative in the kitchen and come up with new concepts, but what about the times when I grab something on the go or make a dish I’ve already blogged about?

Sometimes, just like everyone else in the world, I don’t cook at all! Now, I realize I’m not exactly a big name in food (yet! wink, wink), but my curiosity expands to those who are. One of my go-to interview questions for chefs is asking what they enjoy to eat, and I’m often surprised by how simple their answer is! Remember what Chef Jodi Bernhard of Barcelona’s Restaurant and Wine Bar admitted her favorite food is? While my guess is that most chefs who spend 18 hours in a kitchen pick throughout the day, I wondered what they do on their time off. So I turned to Twitter and posed the question, asking if well renowned chefs enjoy foie gras and duck confit at 1pm or if they’re likely to grab a slice of pizza, food truck fare or even a turkey wrap when only cooking for themselves.

Here’s how Chef Matt Storch of SoNo’s Match and Fairfield’s The Chelsea responded: “Hotdogs. I’m a huge hotdog fan and a huge hamburger fan. When I’m trying not to be gluttonous, I love a good soup, or I’ll eat a salad because I need to. I’m a carb guy, unfortunately. I had a panini today that was very tasty.”

Want to see how other chefs enjoy their afternoon meal? Follow me on Twitter @thatssojennblog and see how they respond! Go ahead, you know you want to!

Have a delicious weekend everybody!


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