Baked Brie with Chocolate Balsamic Raspberry Chutney

Chocolate balsamic vinegar. Yup, that’s right. It exists. And yup, that’s right, it’s delicious.

I have two recipes left to share with you from my 2-hour live cooking demo at Pure Mountain Olive Oil last night, however after the reaction I got from the crowd, I realized there’s really no reason to wait for dessert.

I was fortunate to have a very gracious and interactive audience, and as soon as I mentioned raspberries cooked down in a chocolate balsamic reduction, I could see everyone’s mouth’s watering. Jaws dropped. ‘Oohs and ahhs’ filled the room. They were hooked.

Then came the rest of the sentence, “and I serve it over a wheel of baked brie.” Sold! Suddenly the fifteen minute wait became too long. Three courses down, yet this last one had everyone squirming in their seats. One gentlemen even kept his own time, calling out when he thought I should take it out of the oven so he could dig in.

I originally posted this dish when I created it for my friend’s housewarming party a few months back, but as soon as I tasted this balsamic I knew it would be a perfect swap for the original. It adds another element of depth and sweetness while allowing the natural tartness of the ripe raspberries to peek through. Strawberries would be an ideal match when they’re in season, and you can even play around with cranberries this time of year.

While this was certainly a hit over warm, gooey baked brie, you can pour the compote over ice cream, use it as a topping for Belgian waffles or even spread the fruity goodness on toast with a layer of peanut butter. Whether you prepare it as an appetizer course or save it for dessert, this will be your new favorite way to begin or end a meal.


Stay tuned for a video of the demo and more photos!


8 thoughts on “Baked Brie with Chocolate Balsamic Raspberry Chutney

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