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TSJ’s Six SuperSLIM Superbowl Recipe Swaps

That's SO Jenn SlimBowl

Greasy Wings. Bloating beer. Fattening dips. You might as well just call it ‘Supersize’ instead of Superbowl.

Ready to feel better about what’s on your table? Here are six That’s SO Jenn swaps you can make while hosting game day:

Instead of guacamole serve Avocado Crab Dip

Instead of meaty chili serve Vegetarian Chili-Style Soup

Instead of nachos serve individual Taco Cups

Instead of mayo based dips serve Artichoke and Basil White Bean Dip or Edamame Dip OR Sundried Tomato White Bean Dip OR Roasted Vegetable Dip

Instead of pigs in a blanket serve Skinny Little Piggies

Instead of potato chips serve Sesame Soy Kale Chips

Come back tomorrow for a slimmed down version of chicken wings with blue cheese dipping sauce!



Chocolate, Aquariums & Opportunities

If there’s ever an event dedicated to chocolate, it’s pretty much a guarantee that I will be in attendance. Imagine a venue where after every few steps you take there is some kind of sweet dessert waiting for you. (Sounds like my house, actually!) Continue reading