Jerinn’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Martini


It’s Friday. You’ve made it through the week. I think we can both agree you deserve a cocktail.

One of my closest friends Erin and I have been making this peanut butter and jelly martini together for at least the past five years. (Hence why we’ve named it ‘Jerinn’, a combination of both our names. Brilliant, I know.)

It all began when Hubby (who was then ‘boyfriend’) and I went to visit Erin and Jorge (also her now husband, then boyfriend) when they had just moved into their new apartment in RI. As part of her ‘welcome to your new home gift’ I gave her a bottle of Chambord. I had never even tasted it before, but was so enticed by the beautiful bottle that I thought it would make a pretty present.

We wanted to try it out, so the two of us began looking up recipes, landing on a PB and J shot. That sounded like fun, but required a lot of ingredients for such a quick fix. What we were really looking for was something we could savor, not chug. So if I remember correctly, we then took a trip to the liquor store and stocked up on the rest of the alcohol.

Back at her new place, we had fun playing bartenders by increasing the measurements of the Chambord, Frangelico, Raspberry vodka and Bailey’s Irish Cream to turn this into a sipping drink rather than a shot. Erin and I whipped out her blender, poured everything in and added a few scoops of peanut butter along with some ice cubes. This not only enhanced the flavor, but also helped dilute this long list of booze.

When it came time to serve them up, we both had fun decorating the bottom of our glasses with chocolate syrup before topping each off with whipped cream. It. was. so. good.

It’s. also. very. strong.

If you want to lighten the taste a bit, add a splash of milk, additional chocolate syrup, graham cracker crumbs over top and even stir in the whipped cream.

Last weekend Hubby and I went to RI to visit Jorge and Erin, so naturally the two of us girls enjoyed making our usual special drink. We clinked our martini glasses together (actually they were margarita glasses, but who’s judging…), reminiscing about great memories from the past and enjoying the ones we were making in the present. Cheers!


*Makes two martinis*

2 oz. Frangelico (We use two shot glasses worth to equal 2 oz.)

2 oz. Original Bailey’s Irish Cream

2 oz. Raspberry vodka

2 oz. Chambord

2 tablespoons peanut butter

Chocolate syrup

Whipped cream

A few handfuls of ice

Splash of milk, optional

Crushed graham crackers and lemon/lime for rimming, if desired



Pour liquor into a blender.


Scoop in peanut butter.


Add ice.


Blend until smooth.


Squirt chocolate syrup at the bottom of a martini glass, moving it as you go to form decorative swirls.


Fill each glass with the drink. Add milk if desired.


Top with whipped cream.


We didn’t have graham crackers on hand for this photo, but you can rim the glass with the crumbs as seen here.

Drink and enjoy a toast to great friends and fun traditions!


3 thoughts on “Jerinn’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Martini

  1. You talked me into it. Sounds Great. Here is my receipt for Velvet Hammers. Chocolate Liqueur, Vodka or Rum (preferably Vodka), Ice Cream , Shaved Ice, Blend, and serve with a sprinkle of Nutmeg on top.

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