Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Sunny Side-Up Egg & Toasted Garlic


First of all, I have basically lost sleep over the fact that I couldn’t remember if I had put kosher salt in my whole wheat spaghetti with artichokes, shallots & fresh tomatoes. I didn’t write any of the ingredients down that night because I was making multiple things at once (thank you five-burner, double oven.)  I’m pretty sure I used it, but I didn’t list it because I had already included garlic salt, (which I definitely did use…) When you make it, play around and possibly add some to taste. Whew, I feel better now…

Moving on to today’s yummy dish:

Usually when I create recipes,  I have the blog in mind, but this time I was just in dire need of lunch. I was on my way home from the gym after an intense workout, and felt that kind of hungry where you stand over the kitchen counter wolfing down leftovers because you can’t bare to wait two minutes while they reheat in the microwave.

On my quick drive home I remembered that I had a tupperware full of plain, yummy al dente whole wheat spaghetti from my possibly kosher-salted pasta with artichokes, shallots & fresh tomatoes dish. I wanted to include a protein of course, but wasn’t interested in meat so I immediately thought of an egg. I love egg on just about everything. Seriously. Plus, they cook up in a matter of moments so patience was certainly not necessary.

I spritzed some nonstick olive oil cooking spray in a small skillet, knocked in about a tablespoon worth of jarred minced garlic (there was no chance I could take the time to chop up whole cloves), and sautéed it quickly before tapping the shell of my sunny-side-up addition into the pan.

The garlic was slightly smokey and toasted while the gorgeous, yolk poured itself over each noodle, creating a decadent sauce. Kosher salt (I know I used it here) and pepper sprinkled over top was all the seasoning necessary, while nutty shaved parmesan cheese took the dish to a whole other level. It was seriously fantastic.

Since I made this for myself, this particular portion serves one, so of course you’ll want to double (triple, quadruple…) the ingredients when cooking for others. I’ve done the calculations for you below, but you’ll want at least one egg and about 4 1/2 ounces of spaghetti per person.

If you would like to use regular olive oil instead of cooking spray, it may add some additional moisture to the noodles themselves. I’m just sharing exactly how I made it, but whichever method you choose, make sure you get that garlic nice and crispy! Not burned, obviously…just golden.

This whole meal certainly doesn’t take long to make, but even if you are boiling a fresh batch of pasta, I can promise the whole thing is definitely worth waiting for!


*Makes about four servings*

1 lb whole wheat spaghetti, cooked al dente

4 eggs

4 tablespoons minced garlic

Kosher salt to taste

Pepper to taste

Grated parmesan cheese for garnish


Boil pasta according to al dente directions or heat up leftover noodles. Spritz pan with olive oil cooking spray and saute garlic over medium-high heat. It should be crispy and golden, but not burnt.


Crack egg(s) into pan, sunny-side up, and lower heat. Yolk should be cooked through, but still soft and runny.


Spoon garlic oil over noodles and top with egg. Season with salt and pepper.


Top with parmesan cheese.


Eat and enjoy how quick and insanely yummy this is!


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