High Heel Shoe Cupcakes

That's SO Jenn High Heel Shoe Cupcakes

You know I love a good party statement so when the high heel shoe invites went out for my future sister-in-law’s bridal shower, I was excited to carry on the theme for dessert. I mean, what girlie bride-to-be wouldn’t love a fancy, sparkly fashion statement you can eat!

I had seen the idea for these in a cookbook awhile back and knew they would be perfect for this occasion. The original instructions suggest cutting a graham cracker to form the sole of the stiletto, but I used Stella D’Oro jumbo egg cookies (same ones I used for serving my holy moly cannoli dip) and was so excited how perfectly they were shaped! No cutting involved!

This display was definitely the talk of the day (besides the gorgeous guest of honor, of course!), and I had a blast customizing them with so many beautiful embellishments.

They’re fairly easy to assemble and you can make them to fit any color scheme or event you choose. Perfect for a bridal shower, bachelorette party, birthday or ladies night out!

If the shoe fits, eat it!


Red velvet cupcakes (recipe here!)

Vanilla buttercream frosting (recipe here!)

Pirouette rolled wafers

Melting chocolate (Any color)

Writing icing

Colored sugars

Cupcake gems

Edible pearls

Stella D’oro jumbo egg cookies


Bake cupcakes and prepare frosting. Dip jumbo egg cookies in melting chocolate, covering only the tops.


Although I was slightly tempted to dip the bottoms in red melting chocolate to make Manolos. Maybe next time.


Smooth the chocolate and allow to harden on parchment paper.


Use your writing icing to pipe a border around the edge of each ‘sole’ and immediately dip into colored sugar or cupcake gems of your choice.



Frost each cupcake completely and roll in colored sugar or pearls, coating with an even layer.



On a slight diagonal, cut a slit into each cupcake. This is where your ‘sole’ will go.


Gently press the jumbo cookies into each slit, while using your other hand to prop up a Pirouette for the heel.


Decide on a good length for the stiletto and cut the rest of the sticks to match.


Dip each Pirouette in melting chocolate and rest each ‘sole’ on the top to harden and meld together.



Be patient while it forms. The ‘sole’ should stay on the Pirouette without being held.


Voila! Put them on display to eat and enjoy with the lovely ladies in your life.

That's SO Jenn shoe cupcake 2



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