With Liberty and Justice for All

Boston Marathon Rivalry Empathy

I vividly remember standing in Mrs. Cipriani’s second grade class with my hand over my heart, as I proudly stated the pledge of allegiance. I didn’t realize then, just how much impact those newly learned words would have upon the adult years of my life.

I intended on finishing this week with a sense of normalcy and perhaps escapism, focusing on fun recipes you can enjoy with your family and friends. However, after seeing the news reports this morning of more unthinkable terrorist acts piggybacking Monday’s tragedies in Boston, it felt more appropriate to shed light on that instead.

I cannot believe that in my brief year and a half of That’s SO Jenn, a food website, I’ve had to write so many posts like this. It was awful enough when Hurricaine Sandy hit, a natural disaster. Commemorating lives lost on September 11th was said with belief that we wouldn’t face any more situations where we have to live in fear. Yet, when the sickening events took place at Sandy Hook this winter, it shook us all to the core.

And just as we were beginning to find that spark of light again, another beautiful day—one that should have been a time of victory and success for runners with a charitable spirit who were bettering their physical health while achieving a goal–will now be added to this list of horrific actions that have occurred in a short span of time.

The following is what I posted on my personal Facebook wall this morning, and I wanted to share it with all of you. This is just another opportunity for us to prioritize our lives, remember who and what matters most, hug the people we care about and fill every day with as much beauty and positive energy as we can possibly expel:

If everyone turned their hate into love, this world would be a much better place. If people utilized their energy to execute heroic actions instead of crimes, there would be so much peace. If the time and brilliant brain power spent on plotting attacks and destruction was used to cure ailments, save lives, rebuild homes and spread joy, this would be a safer and kinder life in which we exist. I hope that one day, this idea can be the new normal. Until then, praying through yet another tragedy. For Boston and for us all. ♥

Have a Safe Weekend everybody,

That’s SO Jenn


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