That’s SO Jenn’s Gazpacho

That's SO Jenn's GazpachoToday’s post is certainly a lot less risqué then yesterday’s, although I had such a high readership that I’m tempted to make everything look like boobs from now on. Okay, not really, but seriously don’t tempt me. You know I love a good challenge.

Don’t worry, there isn’t anything sexy about vegetables (unless you think there is,

and in that case no judgment). However, before I have to change the name of this site to That’s SO Inappropriate, I’m opting to share one of my more family-friendly recipes with you.

This dish is delicious, refreshing and finally welcomes the spring and summer months we’ve been longing for. That’s SO Jenn’s Unofficial Soup Week was one of my favorites for sure, and fortunately a bowl full of the good stuff doesn’t have to end when winter does.

Gazpacho is a blend of crisp vegetables, fresh garlic and herbs, served at a refreshingly cool temperature. It makes for a healthy, filling option that is big on flavor and low in fat and calories.

Enjoy it as a complete meal topped with avocado, possibly some grilled shrimp (Remember my gazpacho shooters I showed you at the Oscar Party on CT Style?!), or a crusty piece of bread. It’s also perfect alongside a salad or as an appetizer for your next cookout (Ahh, I cannot wait to start using our grill again soon!).

With Mother’s Day only a few weeks away, this is a great item to add to your menu! You can make it the day before, and don’t have to worry about keeping it warm when it’s time to serve the meal!


2 red peppers

1 English cucumber

1 stalk of celery

9 baby carrots

7 Campari tomatoes

1 teaspoon oregano

2 teaspoons kosher salt

2 cloves garlic

1/4 cup crushed tomatoes with basil

3 teaspoons red wine vinegar


Place tomatoes, carrots and celery to the bowl of your food processor.




Peel cucumber.


Remove stems and seeds from peppers. Add to food processor along with peeled cucumber. Pulse.



Add oregano, kosher salt and garlic.


Pour in crushed tomatoes.


Pulse again to incorporate. I prefer mine with a little texture, but feel free to make it as smooth as you like!


Eat and enjoy with creamy avocado, crusty bread, or in a shotglass with shrimp!


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