Open-Faced, High Protein Pizza-Style Snacks


Okay friends, do you trust me? Know I’d never steer you wrong?

What if I told you there was a great mid-day pick me up you could enjoy that began with nutty toasted sesame bread, was layered with a creamy, ricotta-like melted cheese, topped with sweet, juicy tomatoes and finished off with spicy arugula and a pinch of sea salt? And that very snack was packed with lots of protein, good-for-you, complex carbs, was vegetarian, gluten-free and would keep you full for hours…?

I’ve been holding this one back for fear that you would be scared off by the ingredients: whipped cottage cheese and sprouted grain bread. I know, I know, you’re not Little Miss Muffet and you’ll be damned if you get stuck eating curds and whey. But in reality, this spreadable version is so light and smooth that the texture truly does resemble ricotta.

And the bread? Delicious! When crunchified (yup, I decided that’s a word) in the oven and paired with pizza style toppings, you won’t even know the difference! Seriously, you will be so happy you learned about this option and I hope you’ll report back and tell me what you think.

It is so very important what we choose to fuel our bodies with each day, especially if you’re hitting the gym double time lately in preparation for summer. This is the ideal nutritional balance of everything you need in a meal, and will make those indulgent treats on the weekends feel even more acceptable!


*Per one person serving*

2 pieces sesame Ezekial bread (found in frozen section of health food aisle/store)

1/2 cup lowfat whipped cottage cheese, divided (I like Friendship brand)

2 Campari tomatoes, chopped

About 1/2 cup fresh arugula

Pinch of sea salt to taste


Defrost bread in the microwave for about one minute.


Toast defrosted bread or stick under broiler until golden.


Spread on whipped cottage cheese.


Add chopped tomatoes.


Top with arugula.


Sprinkle with sea salt.


Heat under the broiler for a minute or two. The tomatoes should be warm and the cheese will slightly melt, pizza style.


Eat and enjoy this satisfying, high protein meal/snack!

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2 thoughts on “Open-Faced, High Protein Pizza-Style Snacks

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