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That’s SO Jenn’s July 4th Countdown: Red, White and Blue Party Punch

That's SO Jenn   patriotic drink

Remember those firecracker ice pops we had as a kid? The cherry, white lemon and blue raspberry rocket-ship-looking, drip-down-your-arm in the hot sun, sticky, frozen delights?  They instantly bring me back to field day in elementary school, cooling off with one after our color war relay races. Or at day camp once we finished a few intense rounds of red rover.

Well, if those popsicles were turned into a drink, this is exactly what I would imagine it to be. I’ve seen various Continue reading


That’s SO Jenn’s July 4th Countdown: Patriotic S’mores on a Stick

That's SO Jenn s'mores sticks

One week to go! Can you believe it? That means 7 days closer to enjoying all That’s SO Jenn’s delicious red, white and blue recipes! This one in our countdown is based on a major fan favorite: S’mores. While the original execution is fairly simple (roast marshmallow, sandwich between graham and chocolate, eat and repeat…), we all get excited about new ways to enjoy this summertime dessert. During the winter, I gave you

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