That’s SO Jenn’s July 4th Countdown: Firecracker Jello

That's SO Jenn's Firecracker Jello Shots

These. are. so. much. fun.

I’m sure you’ll agree that one of the first things July 4th brings to mind is fireworks or firecrackers. That beautiful celebration in the sky we all marvel at, boldly marking America’s freedom and independence. So in my quest to come up with red, white and blue themed treats this week, I wanted to incorporate that similar larger-than-life, once-a-year uniqueness. How did I do that? With Pop Rocks. Yes, you read that correctly. Those tiny sugary pebbles that explode on your tongue, causing you to instantly smirk at the confusing sensation.

I started with Jell-O, a recognizable childhood favorite that already offered the colors I needed. And while Jell-O shots seem sooo college, adding festive flavor bursts along with red, white and blue sprinkles turned these into a sophisticated party pick-me-up. Okay, maybe sophisticated is pushing it. But definitely cool.

Of course, you can follow the traditional, liquor-free Jiggler recipe below if you’re making these for children. They’ll love the festive star shapes or fun-to-squeeze cupcake wrappers. And the adults? Well, we’re really just a bunch of kids at heart.


With alcohol:

3 oz. red Jell-O

3 oz. blue Jell-O

2 cups boiling water

1 cup plain or flavored vodka

1 cup cold water

Red Pop Rocks candy

Blue Pop Rocks candy

Red, white and blue sprinkles

For  Jigglers:

1 (8oz.) packages red Jell-O

1 (8oz.) packages blue Jell-O

5 cups boiling water

Red Pop Rocks candy

Blue Pop Rocks candy

Red, white and blue sprinkles


Prepare red and blue Jello according to package directions.



IMG_5627 IMG_5648 IMG_5649

Pour into star-shaped molds…or ice cube trays…


IMG_5639 IMG_5653

Or mini shotglasses…

Jello Shots

Or cupcake wrappers…

jello shots

Or a sheet pan, refrigerate a few hours, then cut into star-shaped Jigglers…(It helps to dip the bottom of the pan in warm water for 15 seconds before cutting.)

IMG_5748 IMG_5735


Sprinkle your creations with red or blue Pop Rocks, respectively.


And some red, white, and blue sprinkles.


Eat and enjoy a mouthful of fireworks!

Stay tuned for my Independence Day TV segment on Tuesday July 2nd at 12:30 on CT Style News 8! Want even more recipe ideas for entertaining on 4th? Check out last year’s themed TV spot!

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