Pumpkin, Apple & Greek Yogurt Parfaits (For Humans & Pups!)


Before I had a dog of my own, I admit I never understood how people would talk about their pets as if they were humans, constantly referring to them and the things that they had done. Then, six years ago, Hubby and I brought home an eight-week-old, one-and-a-half pound Yorkie and all that instantly changed.

Mojito “Mo” (named after Barcelona Wine Bar‘s muddled mint cocktail!) is very much part of our family, and constantly receives the royal treatment. From day one, I started dressing him in little outfits (he even won a puppy fashion show, which I thought was so ironic because dogs were on the catwalk. HA!), we have fun teaching him tricks, taking him places and miss him even when we’re only gone for a day.

Sure, we may be biased that he’s the sweetest, cutest, funniest, smartest animal we know, but our families seem to feel the exact same way. My parents are constantly checking in to see what Mo wants to eat at each holiday they host (Seriously, we get e-mails asking what Mo would like, and he’s even had his own spreadsheet column when we were all picking up meals from a restaurant!). They pamper him with steak, lamb chops, brisket, roast beef, chicken, hot dogs…often all during one visit! If we are there to see my parents when they aren’t entertaining, you can be sure to find leftovers waiting for him in the fridge with his name on it. Literally.

One time when Hubby and I returned to my parents’ house when they were watching Mo, we discovered they had specifically gone to Sonic after leaving their own dinner out nearby, just so my dad could get our little pup a burger. My mom filled his bowl with bottled water and my dad fed him his fast food delight.


When Mo stays at my inlaws’ house, which we refer to as ‘camp’, they take him for hikes up the mountain, run around with him outdoors and recently sent him home with a ‘Camp Build a Bear’ hat in his overnight bag to prove he had a great time during his stay.

I’m sure it’s no surprise that every year for Mo’s birthday since he’s turned one, we have thrown him a little party. Family and friends gather, some with dogs of their own, to celebrate amidst decorations, homemade treats, and a pile of gifts just for him. One time we even had a doggie pool party at my inlaw’s house with two other dogs who joined in the celebration. We sing to him with a lit candle, let him pick out a new toy at the pet store, and often walk him into town to get ice cream.

Mo Birthday Pics. Jenn Press Arata Doggie Party Segment

It’s just good, silly fun. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and it gives everyone involved a chance to giggle and be totally carefree. Isn’t that oh so necessary in life?

Well, this year is no different. Our little Mojito is turning six years old (!) on August 14th and we’re celebrating in a big way…with his very first TV debut! He will appearing with me on this Friday’s segment of CT Style News 8 at 12:30 as part of my doggie birthday party theme. I’ll be showing you a festive table scape, themed party favor ideas, and of course, whipping up fun snacks for both dogs and humans to enjoy!

First up, a pumpkin, apple and Greek yogurt parfait your canine pal will love. Packed with protein, vitamins and ingredients to keep their coat silky soft, they will lick their (doggie) bowls clean. This is also a perfect snack to serve to kids; full of all natural, healthy good stuff. If you’d like to sweeten the deal for humans only, feel free to add some crumbled brown sugar over top to bring out the flavors.

What do you do for fun with your four-legged friend?


1 (15 oz.) can pumpkin puree (not pie filling)

1-2 apples

1 teaspoon cinnamon (plus more for garnish)

32 oz. Greek yogurt

Dry oats


9 oz. clear crystal cups


Chop apples and place them in a small pan.


Cook over low heat until tender, adding a touch of water to keep them from burning.



Once they are soft, allow them to cool.


Pour pumpkin into the bowl of your food processor.


Add apples.


Sprinkle in cinnamon.


Pulse until smooth.


Spoon a small amount of pumpkin mixture into the bottom of a short, clear plastic cup. (You want the top to be wide enough for your pup to eat from.)


Add a layer of Greek Yogurt and another layer of pumpkin mixture.


Top with a final layer of Greek Yogurt.


Finish off with oats and flax.


Sprinkle with cinnamon.


Eat and enjoy with your furry little friend!


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