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4-Ingredient Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies


Hubby and I are heading off to visit our cousins in Maryland tonight, and of course I would never go anywhere empty-handed. The funny part? I don’t think anyone would let me. You see, one of the perks (?) of running That’s SO Jenn is that I never have to guess what my friends and family would want to eat because they always make requests. Even before I offer.

When I told my cousin Phyllis we were able to come she said, “We can’t wait to see you. Mike would like chocolate chip cookies and I think your banana bread looks yummy. With chocolate chips please.”

I think they are still excited to see me. 

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(Green) Keylime Pie with Oreo Crust


Many years ago when I first started making keylime pie, I added a few drops of food coloring to give it a green tint. That’s how it had been served to me in a restaurant, and I wanted to replicate it the way I thought was most recognizable. However, most places keep this refreshing, citrusy treat its all-natural off-white color, often garnishing with a slice of lime to show what it is.

Well, one time when I left it au natural, my brother was very disappointed. He said from then on, he only wanted me to make my keylime pie green. As you know, he tends to have a lot of food requests, but I’m happy to comply. One year for Chanukah, I actually made it blue. Regardless of the aesthetics, this tangy dessert has always been a party on our taste buds. Last night was no different.

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