Chocolate Covered Oreos


When my good friend Lauren was getting ready to welcome baby #2, I wanted to do something special to celebrate. These days, the trend is to have a ‘sprinkle’ instead of a ‘shower’ (cute, right?) as a more intimate way of acknowledging a second (…or third…or fourth child!) on the way.

So I put together a surprise

dinner along with her closest friends at her favorite restaurant, Barcelona. We gathered on the patio for a beautiful summer evening of refreshing virgin cocktails, a plethora of superb tapas and great company. We shared stories, presented her with gifts and gave this soon-to-be-momma-of-two a ladies night out.

While I thought about making a cake for dessert, I knew all too well that she would absolutely want to indulge in Barcelona’s dulce de leche crepes while we were there. So for an added sweet note, I scattered the table with blue ‘It’s a boy’ Hershey’s kisses, matching lollipops in a mason jar full of blue and yellow candy dots, and York color-themed drops (not pictured).

IMG_0709 IMG_0707

For favors, I made blue tinted white chocolate covered Oreos, some with ducks and others with the word ‘BABY’ spelled across the cookie. A prepared mold made these fairly fool proof, while themed cupcake wrappers, cellophane bags and white ribbon studded with tiny blue baby feet tied it all together. Literally. (Don’t worry, the feet weren’t real. It was only a design.)

Clearly those Oreos did the trick because just yesterday morning, her little guy was born. Welcome to the world Bryden Christopher!


*Note: These can be made using any color melting chocolate and any themed mold to fit all occasions. Solid covered cookies can be decorated with colored sprinkles, gems, etc.*

Oreo cookies

14 oz. bag blue melting chocolate (1 package makes about 10 cookies)

You will also need:

Baby themed Oreo mold

Baby themed cupcake wrappers

Cellophane bags

Decorative ribbon



Pour chocolate into a bowl and defrost in microwave for one minute at half power.



Stir and continue to heat, then mix, in 30 second intervals until smooth and melted.


Fill each mold about 1/4 of the way.


Push an Oreo into the melted chocolate.


Immediately cover with more chocolate, filling the mold to the top. Use a spatula to smooth out any extra, and wipe the area around the mold clean. (Tip: If you notice some cookie showing throw on the sides, gently push your finger into the chocolate on top to help distribute it.)


Freeze for about ten minutes so the chocolate hardens and the mold takes shape. Pop cookies out of the mold.


Place each Oreo in a cupcake wrapper.



Stick into a cellophane bag and tie with ribbon.



Eat and enjoy at your next celebration!


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