Zucchini Breakfast Bake


I know, it’s only Wednesday and I’m already thinking about brunch, but I just couldn’t wait to share this recipe with you.

When Hubby (who was then ‘Boyfriend’) and I celebrated our two-year dating anniversary, we began an annual tradition of visiting Hershey Park in PA. It’s a place I frequented with my family as a child and have absolutely loved ever since. How could you not be the happiest person ever while

riding roller coasters amidst an aroma of cocoa in the air? Seriously.

We would go for a few days, getting to the parks when the doors opened and staying until the very last firework went off. We filled our agenda with activities such as Chocolate World’s Chocolate Tasting 101 class, a trolley tour, couples massages at the gorgeous Hershey Hotel…it felt magical.

One of the most special parts of all was where we stayed. A casually elegant bed and breakfast set on a serene 32 acre equestrian farm, with a porch swing for two where we would sip champagne, while overlooking the private waterfalls and rolling hills. Sweet treats were always left under glass cake domes on the center dining table for us to help ourselves. We looked forward to our late night snack of lemon bars and gooey chocolate chip cookies piled high on china plates to bring back to our bedroom.

Each time we visited, the two of us chose various unique rooms to stay in, all with picturesque views. We were awoken each morning by the dreamy smells of fresh-baked goods, sizzling breakfasts and freshly brewed coffee. Karolyn, the owner, treated us like family. She watched Hubby and I go through the various stages of our relationship from dating to engaged to married, always remembering to prepare heart-shaped waffles for us on the day of our dating anniversary.

It felt like staying in someone’s home as we sat down to our table for two each morning. Bud vases greeted us on the center of the lace tablecloths, baskets of muffins or biscuits sat next to mason jars filled with homemade jam, and we eagerly enjoyed a three-course meal to start our day.

One of our absolute favorite dishes was a zucchini bake. A savory, fluffy, casserole laden with herbs and vegetables. We would talk about it long after the trip had ended, finally prompting me to request the recipe. When I first made it for our family and friends, my guests were literally arguing over who got the last piece. It’s that good.

So naturally it was one of my go-to staples for my brunch last weekend. It was a nice balance to my sweet apple streusel muffins and light spinach and aritchoke frittata. A make-your-own yogurt parfait station with berries and granola topped off the mix, complete with crispy bacon, golden brown potatoes, fresh fruit and bubbly mimosas. (Just juice for me, of course!) I suppose I was trying to recreate that bread and breakfast feel over here at Hotel Arata.

brunch 2brunch 3

I hope this dish becomes as special for you as it is for us!


Zucchini Breakfast Bake

4 cups thinly sliced unpeeled zucchini

1 cup Bisquick

½ cup finely chopped onion

½ tsp oregano

4 eggs slightly beaten

½ cup grated Romano cheese (I used parmesan this time)

2 tsp chopped parsley

½ tsp salt

1/3 cup oil

dash of pepper

Preheat oven 350° and slice zucchini into circles.


Finely chop onion.


And parsley.


Place sliced zucchini in a large bowl.


Add onion.













Romano or parmesan cheese,


And slightly beaten egg,



Mix well to fold in all the ingredients.


Pour into a baking dish.



Bake for 25 minutes until the top is lightly golden brown.

Eat and enjoy over a romantic brunch or at a table full of fantastic friends!

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