A Clean Plate for 2014


Well friends, we’re about to say ‘goodbye’ to the past 365 days, and prepare to welcome a new start ahead. Once that glittery silver ball makes its way down to midnight, we embrace the loved ones surrounding us (hopefully getting a good smooch in there!) and begin again. Another day, another month, another year.

As I reflect upon the time that’s just past, I am now positive that what I set out to be *lucky 2013* indeed was. My baby brother got married to someone I now consider one of my closest friends and they bought a house together, Hubby and I had a romantic trip to NOLA, spent quality time with family and friends, both moved up in our career goals, and best of all, found out I have a bun in the oven; our soon-to-be baby girl. I was then given the most beautiful, themed shower to celebrate our bundle of joy, arriving February 2014. I haven’t been this excited for the clock to strike 12 since 2010 when we were tying the knot!

Although there were ups and downs, as life would have it, overall this has been an amazingly beautiful time where life just seemed to hit its stride. I’ve felt balance and contentment–a general feeling of calm. With all the puzzle pieces finally connecting, I have been coming from a heartfelt place of gratitude; appreciating every moment, allowing me to be present in my activities, surroundings and interactions with those around me. It has been a gift.

The humbleness and appreciation I feel to spend my existence with my best friend who just so happens to be my husband, have an incredibly supportive and loving family, and the most wonderful, genuine friendships is beyond words. As for 2014? Well, I get to be a mommy. And there is literally nothing I can think of better than that.


Below, That’s SO Jenn’s annual well wishes:

As we say farewell to 2013, we reflect upon all the delicious foods we’ve encountered. There were new things we were brave enough to taste, many we’ve shared with family, friends and partners, others we’ve indulged in, and some that maybe weren’t as palatable as we may have liked.

Some things we have to work hard to prepare, while other fortunate situations are handed to us on a silver platter. Occasionally, we may be limited to a prix fixe menu, and in other moments we are given a buffet full of options.

Sometimes we are told things that have to marinate in our minds for a while, while others are easy to digest. Some days we are forced to eat and run, and in other situations we can sit and dine through many plates. Some things don’t quite stay fresh forever, and others, like a good cheese, get better over time.

Life is full of flavor and we never know what will be brought to the table next. Whatever your traditions may be, or what meal you enjoy this evening, take a moment to be grateful for being able to satisfy life’s hungers in oh so many ways.

Thank you for making That’s SO Jenn part of your lives. I look forward to all that is in store as we dig in to the next course together.

I wish you a New Year:

as bubbly as champagne,

as comforting as a bowl of chicken soup,

as healthy as a bushel of kale,

as exciting as a box of chocolates,

as sweet as honeydew,

as symbolic as birthday cake,

as meaningful as a family recipe,

as warm as a cup of coffee,

as fulfilling as a loaf of bread,

and as full of variety as the spice of life has to offer.

Cheers to beautiful beginnings in 2014!

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