Vote for our Mommy, Daughter Selfie C/O Parents Magazine!

Mommy/Newborn Selfie. Emma Reese, 5 weeks old.


I’m going to cook soon, “but first…let me take a selfie.” I usually don’t believe in contests like these, asking people to vote on just how cute you think your own child is (Can we say vain?), however after countless friends and family convinced me to submit this somewhere, I decided to go for it. Why not have a little fun, right?

The photo was entered into a contest for Parents Magazine, and you can vote up to once a day for this week only using the link below. It just takes a few seconds, so if this pic made you smile, please help a sistah (and her daughter) out!


I have to be honest, before this

I had NEVER uploaded a selfie before, but a few weeks ago my brother, sister-in-law (SIL) and a few close friends sent me one of them together at a wedding saying they missed me. As a goof, I got on my daughter’s play mat to send one back saying, “We miss you too!” Their reactions were priceless.

For only five weeks old, this baby sure knows how to pose, and has already mastered the art of looking right into the camera! When I put it on Facebook joking that this was my new definition of a wild Saturday night, it instantly received an overwhelming amount of likes and comments, which sure made a new mom feel great! Hubby and I are just having the best time with our little munchkin!

Stay tuned for Emma’s TV debut and my first time back to CT Style as a new mommy for our Mother’s Day segment! Airing Friday May 9th at 12:30pm on News 8!

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