That’s SO Jenn’s Handprint Cookies *As Seen on CT Style News 8*


Next time you ask your kids to give you a hand in the kitchen you can really mean it! These cookies add a personal touch to baked goods, and are a wonderful way to celebrate Father’s Day next month (or any special occasion!)

This is such a great activity to get your children involved, and they’ll feel proud showing off their finished product. At only 9 weeks old, my little MnM was already helping her mommy! I am so excited to continue this trend when she is old enough to mix and pour!

If you would like to include more than one child in your creation, make a large cookie pie, then stamp on multiple hand prints. Using cookie icing, write everyone’s name next to their work of art!


Option 1:

Your favorite sugar cookie recipe

Melting chocolate or cookie icing (any color)

Option 2:

Your favorite sugar cookie recipe

Food coloring spray (any color)

You will also need:

Parchment paper


Prepare cookies according to directions.


Option 1:

Melt chocolate according to package instructions. Once cool enough to touch, paint onto child’s clean hand using a pastry brush, or dip in completely. If using cookie icing, paint on clean hand as is. I used Emma’s (just-washed) little foot!


Immediately press onto cookie to form hand (or foot!) print.


Option 2:

Trace child’s hand on a piece of parchment paper.



Cut out hand-print.


Place stencil onto cookie and spray inside it with food-coloring spray.


Eat and enjoy these personalized treats!

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