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Make Room in Your Freezer, Breyers (New!) Gelato Indulgences are Here…

Breyers Tiramisu Gelato.That's SO Jenn

When opportunity knocks, you answer. When the FedEx guy rings the bell with a shipment of Breyers Gelato Indulgences™, you open the lids and start tasting. (That is how the saying goes, right?)

I had the pleasure of sampling two flavors from the ice cream gurus’ new line of gelato: Tiramisu and Vanilla Caramel. This Italian dairy specialty gives way to a combination of textures creating a sensual sundae in each see-through carton. (It’s like window shopping, but better…)

Tiramisu was an ideal nod to the classic dessert with velvety mascarpone gelato, rich espresso sauce, crumbled ladyfinger cookie pieces and gourmet cocoa. Its decadent layers mimic  Continue reading


Chocolate Chip Cookie Reese’s Cup Oreo Brownie Bars


Hubby and I make it our mission to try the latest in all new food items… kind of like a public service, if you will. So it was no surprise when I recently came home with a package of Nabisco’s new Reese’s Cup Oreo’s for our own personal review. As you know, I can’t resist anything with a chocolate peanut butter combination (hence why Emma’s middle name is Reese!), so this one was right up our alley.

The intoxicating sweet scent was enough to hook us in, and they immediately ranked on our favorites list upon first bite. I instantly began coming up with recipe ideas in my head–an ice cream would be amazing!–so when I was deciding what bring to our friends’ housewarming party this past weekend, it seemed like the perfect time to incorporate them.

This is another variation of Continue reading