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Throwing a Golden Birthday Party *As Seen on CT Style News 8*

A birthday comes every year, but a golden birthday? Only once in a lifetime! Make it memorable with That’s SO Jenn’s party ideas! For the 21 and older crowd, serve up golden bubbly champagne or a cocktail mixed with Goldschläger!

Make-up by Sabrina Autera for Beautycounter, Bracelet and Necklace by Gerard Yosca

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Fruttare Introduces New Popsicle Flavors–Get ’em While They’re Cold!


Few things scream summer more than ice-cold treats, so you can imagine my excitement when I came across Fruttare’s newest members of their popsicle series.

After a very serious taste testing study–and just a borderline amount of brain freeze–hands down, I can confidently say Mixed Berry and Milk was my favorite. As in, I finished it, then went straight to the freezer for another. This one stood out with the boldest taste; raspberry being the most dominant of the flavor profile, with an obvious nod to blueberry and strawberry playing nicely into this beautiful purple mixture. The ‘and milk’ part Continue reading