Fruttare Introduces New Popsicle Flavors–Get ’em While They’re Cold!


Few things scream summer more than ice-cold treats, so you can imagine my excitement when I came across Fruttare’s newest members of their popsicle series.

After a very serious taste testing study–and just a borderline amount of brain freeze–hands down, I can confidently say Mixed Berry and Milk was my favorite. As in, I finished it, then went straight to the freezer for another. This one stood out with the boldest taste; raspberry being the most dominant of the flavor profile, with an obvious nod to blueberry and strawberry playing nicely into this beautiful purple mixture. The ‘and milk’ part of the description certainly provided a rich, creaminess–more like a welcomed sorbet on a stick. Whole chunks of fruit throughout reminded me of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia; that feeling as though you’re finding nuggets of gold. It was purely delightful.

Also in the box was Strawberries and Milk. They’re a package deal (get it?) so you really have to be on your game when making your selection. Although you can’t go wrong with either choice, this light pink pop was slightly more one-dimensional than its counterpart, and while it appeared speckled, didn’t seem to offer the same chewy bites of berries the way the other did. Still light and velvety, though, this one resembled Dippin’ Dots (do they still make those?). It was just enticing enough to keep me interested, and made for a great trip down memory lane.

Lastly, I sampled Pineapple–a bit more traditional sans dairy, yet full of refreshing, tropical flavor. Juicy and sweet, this one also had surprises of luscious fruit throughout, providing a fun texture. At only 60 calories a pop (ha), it’s certainly a guilt-free pick-me-up to finish out these final weeks of summer.

To taste them for yourself and rate your fave, visit

*Please note, although this is a sponsored piece, all the opinions are my own.

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