Nutella Stuffed Pancakes


Oh you know, just a typical Tuesday…

My cousin Abby is visiting from Maryland for the week, so we’re basically on permanent slumber party mode. And with that comes fun late night snacks followed by yummy morning breakfasts. The idea behind this one was to figure out how we could take something already delicious (pancakes) and make them even more fantastic. And healthy. (HA just kidding about that part). The answer—>Nutella.

I turned to Martha Stewart’s recipe for the batter. Figured it was a sure bet—that woman knows everything. Then I added a glob of the beloved chocolate hazelnut spread in the center—because I know a thing or two as well.

The fluffy pancakes are Continue reading


TSJ’s Mother’s Day Pancakes


Do you usually make your mom breakfast in bed, or host a brunch for Mother’s Day? Take it to the next level by creating these festive pancakes, spelling out messages for the occasion.

Simply pour your favorite batter into a Ziplock bag, cut a small hole in one of the corners, and easily write letters or shapes. Try ‘MOM’, ‘I LOVE YOU’, hearts Continue reading