TSJ’s Memorial Day Recipe Ideas

july 4th

Every year around this time, I’m always pleasantly surprised by how early the stores put out 4th of July decor. I just assume they  must be as excited as we are about our annual patriotic bashuntil I realize they are preparing for Memorial Day. (To my benefit, I’ve already purchased 3 themed outfits for our little MnM!)

That being said, the festive foods I’ve shared with you for the summer holiday are just as appropriate over this long weekend. In fact, I’ll be bringing my cupcake cones for a pre-parade picnic in town on Monday.

Check out the recipes below for That’s SO Jenn’s red, white and blue fare, sure to fit all your entertaining needs! Have fun and be safe! Continue reading


Two-Ingredient Pumpkin Pie Dip


Does anyone else eat pumpkin pie strictly for the filling? Like, the crust is good, but you look at it more as a delivery device for the yummy spiced center rather than a necessity? With that in mind, I was trying to come up with a socially acceptable way to dive into the good stuff without making a whole mess and offending others (I’ve found most people aren’t as tempted to cut a slice of dessert when someone else has already torn through it…) My solution? A dip. Because you know I just love dips.

When I first thought of this Continue reading