Everyone is Getting a Taste of That’s SO Jenn!


It’s been an exciting week for That’s SO Jenn! My Spaghetti Stuffed Meatball has been featured/trending on Buzzfeed and Food and Wine. The recipe continues to be reposted on popular food and lifestyle sites, receiving lots of hype! Thank you for sharing the article, which has helped make this such a huge success!

Keep your eyes on That’s SO Jenn for even more culinary feats. Maybe my next endeavor should be the world’s tiniest kale salad…

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TSJ’s Healthy Chicken Marsala


I recently asked Hubby to name his favorite recipe I ever created, and he immediately mentioned my cream of mushroom soup. And I agree. There was something completely magical about that dish, and the live audience I made it for at my cooking demo ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’ over it too.

Since we are both mushroom fanatics, Continue reading