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Tuttorosso’s Perfect Marinara Sauce/Giveaway with That’s SO Jenn!

t_perfmarinarasauce2 Photo courtesy of Tuttorosso

There’s still ONE MORE DAY left to WIN all you need for Tuttorosso‘s perfect marinara sauce recipe below! Stay tuned for my step-by-step photos so you can cook along with That’s SO Jenn at home!

Tuttorosso’s Perfect Marinara Sauce


1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

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Mini Chocolate Pecan Pies


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Turkey Day is almost here, and among the long list of things to be thankful for, food is always towards the top. As I’ve shared in the past, it’s our tradition to go to my parents’ house each year, and while they host a truly spectacular feast, it’s my pleasure to contribute some homemade goodies of my own. I’m in charge of my stuffing cupcakes, super yummy cornbread and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (although these pumpkin chocolate chip blondies rock too!)–with a few creative add-ons each time.

This year? I decided on a fan favorite–chocolate pecan pies, in mini tart shells so everyone gets their own! Not only does it save the trouble of dishing out slices, but the individual portion keeps to itself in the tin so it doesn’t run into all the other desserts. Boom. You’re welcome.


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